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Jazwares Mix Pups Review

Mix pups from Jazwares is a new line of cutie pocket-sized puppies that have parts that kids can mix and mach.  You can make your own style pups and the more pups that you collect the more you can create.  Not only do they have outfits that can be changed but their hair and legs are changeable […]

Phineas and Ferb Eye Buggers Review

JAKKS Pacific is bringing the #1 Disney channel series for kid’s ages 6+ to aisles this spring.  It’s those crazy boys Phineas and Ferb.  The toys are called Eye Buggers.  They are squeezable toys, and when you squeeze their belly their eyes bug out of their head.  They are like those little farm animals from […]

Cahootie Paper Folding Game Review

My little one comes home from school telling about all the things that the kids do while at the playground for recess.  She came home one day, and told me about “The paper folding game.”  I wasn’t up to speed with that game, so I had to ask her more about it.  When she told […]

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