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PiggyBack Rider Review

As bloggers we work with many companies that allow us to review things.  We also have a few people that work with us in reviewing things. Do you have a child that wants to be able to see things that are out of vision while they are walking with you?  Have you ever been on […]

Heavens Alchemy Perfume Review

What I always say to hubby when I smell a nice perfume is how much I like it, you know kind of like a hint to him for upcoming gifts.  Like all men he doesn’t get it.  Well one time he did buy me one I liked for my birthday, but forgot what it was so I […]

Complete Clean Dental Floss Review

Have you ever had a situation where the dental floss you use just doesn’t do the job?  Recently I got to try out some complete clean floss.  This floss is different from regular dental floss in that it is made of 2 dental flosses twisted together. I know it may sound like there is a […]

Disney Ariel Spring Float Review

Posted By JMarsden92 of DisneyContestBlog. A few years ago we purchased some swimming pool lounges.  My daughter had one that she liked.  She never could find another that she really liked, so she hasn’t had one.  Recently we had the opportunity to have her give us her impression of the Disney Spring Float Kids Boat Ariel […]

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