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PS3 XTendPlay Adapter

Being a video gamer I am always looking for ways to make things a bit more comfortable.  Recently I was given the opportunity to test out the XTendPlay Ergonomic Adapter.  If you are a gamer then you know that a controller needs to work with you without major adjustments.  When I play FPS games I […]

Monopoly Streets Review

For the last few weeks we have been privelidged enough to have my uncle “L” up to visit us for a day or two.  We usually hang out in the back room, and play dominoes.  Since it has gotten very cold we haven’t felt like going out there even though it is inside it isn’t […]

Mafia 2 PS3 Review

I received Mafia 2 for Christmas from my wife.  I was eagerly awaiting this title to work its way into my hands.  Mafia 2 is brought to us by 2K Games.  When I saw the videos I thought that this would be just another GTA type game.  Well, in all reality it is for the […]

Call Of Duty Black Ops Review

I have never been a huge fan of the Call of Duty series games because majority of the people in multiplayer just can’t think skillfully enough to play the game.  Most of the players have a deep understanding of spawn points, and love to spawn kill.  This is one thing that makes me hate the […]

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