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Brew Over Ice Review

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out Brew Over Ice K-Cups for the Keurig coffee system. We drink a lot of coffee, but during the summer it is nice to have something refreshing, and yet still to my likes. I preferred the French Vanilla, and wife liked the Sweet Raspberry Black Tea. I […]

Kikkoman PreThanksgiving Dinner Review

I was given some Kikkoman goodies and recipes to try out on a pre-Thanksgiving dinner with some friends and family that I invited over so that I could see how everyone liked it and if I would be using it for my Thanksgiving Day dinner.  After quickly going through the recipes I went to the store and […]

Pop Weaver Popcorn Review

In my family we love to eat microwave popcorn.  It’s something that we often have as a snack.  I try to get the light butter flavor ones, and even 100 calorie bags because they are better for us.  No matter what I get hubby always likes to add melted butter to his popcorn because he says it […]

STARBUCKS Coffee Light Frappuccino Drinks Review

I love coffee, and I have one to two cups a day.  My nephew drinks a lot of the frappuccino type drinks.  He always tells me that I should try them since I like coffee like him.  After I looked into them I told him that I couldn’t because they are not very diet friendly for me.  […]

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