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Keurig Platinum Brewer Review

Posted By JMarsden92 of MyBlogs4U. In my house there is one thing that must be in operation at all times, and that is the coffee maker.  Nightly my neighbor comes over, or my best friend comes over, and we must sit and have some coffee.  We go through 2-3 cups each on most nights.  My neighbor […]

Sodastream Jet Review

I had the opportunity to check out the SodaStream Jet that my wife has.  I think that the concept of making my own soda, and not harming the environment is great. I found the Sodastream Jet to be very easy to operate.  There are a vast amount of flavors available from SodastreamUSA, and Kohls.  The […]

Waring Pro Wine Opener Review

I was looking for a gift for my wife for her birthday.  My wife and I found a Waring Pro wine opener.  Being that everytime we open a wine, or champagne bottle with a cork we have issues we decided to pick one up. The unit comes packaged with a charging stand, cutter, and the wine opener.  […]

Cuisinart Grind N Brew Review

Finding a good appliance is getting harder, and harder to do.  My family has a specific set of standards that must be met for us to purchase a product.  Cuisinart has handled most of our small kitchen appliances for some time. We are heavy coffee drinkers in my house.  I have always loved fresh ground […]

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